Automotive Paint Amount Estimator
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One of the many advantages of having an actual auto mechanic teacher on the team is that he can easily tell us what new and amateur mechanics really need and pinpoint what we could create to help them.

This week’s discussion centered around the challenges faced by those who have recently graduated from mechanic school and find themselves navigating the practical demands of the real world. It’s like stepping onto the road after obtaining a driver’s license – at first, you’re grappling with remembering all the technical facts you learned. These are the kind of facts, laws, or rules that, with time and experience, become second nature; just like how experienced drivers don’t need to consciously think about road rules.

For mechanics, an example might be Ohm’s law – I recall jotting it down on a napkin and stashing it in the top drawer of my tool chest, alongside a few other essential formulas and notes I couldn’t afford to forget. Just as safety precautions become ingrained to prevent car accidents, these technical essentials become intrinsic for mechanics — but it takes a while.

Well, apparently, for apprentice auto body repairers it’s the correct amount of primer/base/clear coat to use depending on which body part they’re painting. So, we created a quick reminder to give to the students at school that they can keep somewhere safe and reach out to when needed.

And, as usual, why not share it with you!

Also, I chose to feature an awesome Tesla so it looks good enough that you can pin it on a wall somewhere in your paint prep room. 😉

So, here it is! Enjoy!



Automotive Paint Amount Estimator


I hope it helps! On the other hand, if you’re wondering what paint to use on your car’s trim pieces, check out this article on the best spray paints for plastic.

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