How to Spray Paint an Automotive Body Panel


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This video will show you how to spray paint an automotive body part.



    1. Make sure you have enough paint to completely cover whatever part you’re about to paint. You don’t want
      to run out of paint halfway through the job. If you are not sure how much paint you need, check out the automotive paint amount estimator we have created to help you with that.Automotive Paint Amount Estimator Title
    2. Make sure all the pre-painting steps are done before going any further. Once again, if you are not sure what we are talking about, check out this post on how to correctly prepare auto body parts for painting.
    3. Now mix the paint and reducer using a paint measuring stick.
    4. Pour the mixed paint in the paint filter.
    5. Get dressed with the appropriate personal protection equipment which includes a painting overall, gloves, respirator and safety glasses.
    6. Before starting to paint, wipe the part with a tack cloth to remove any dust left.
    7. Start by spraying the edges first. Then, continue spraying paint from the bottom to the top. Always overlap each pass by 50% to 75%.
    8. When you’re done with the first coat, make sure your primer spot is almost covered and the color is uniform. Let it dry.
    9. Wipe the part with a tack cloth between each coats of paint.
    10. Repeat the process for the second coat. The primer spot should be completely covered by now.
    11. If needed spray a third coat.
    12. Let the paint dry properly.
    13. Clean the spray gun.
    14. Mix the clear coat and the activator following the manufacturer’s recommendation.
    15. Wipe the surface once again with a tack cloth.
    16. Start by spraying a medium-wet coat of clear coat. Let dry.
    17. Repeat the process but this time apply a wet coat of clear coat. Make sure the finish is smooth and uniform. Let dry.
    18. Wash your spray gun properly.

That’s it!
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