10 Best Reasons Why You Should Hire a Female Mechanic Right Now

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With the mechanic industry requiring more brains than brawn nowadays, it’s no wonder why females are more inclined to jump into the trade. With today’s technology and tools you don’t necessarily need to be strong to be a mechanic, but you need to know how to use your brain and to think critically. Here are the top ten reasons why you should have a female mechanic working in your shop.


1. Meticulousness

Showing attention to detail, very careful/precise.” ~Dictionary.com

Female mechanics tend to be more meticulous workers. They are precise about the work they do and they want everything to be done just right. If you have mechanics that show attention to detail, the job will be done properly every time. Therefore, you will have fewer headaches and more happy customers in the long run.


2. Personability

“The quality or state of being  pleasant or amiable in person.” ~Merriam-Webster

Woman tend to be more personable than males, and are an excellent addition to any shop. They break up the monotony of the average all male workforce and bring a feminine touch that helps everyone be more amiable. They make friends easily and are great at dealing with upset or difficult customers. Everyone knows that women have a way with words and people.


3. Pocketability

“Small enough to be carried in one’s pocket; pocket-size.” ~Thesaurus.com

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Women are generally smaller and more dexterous than men and have smaller hands, which comes in handy with hard to reach places and small spaces.


4. Patience/Gentleness

“The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

They say that patience is a virtue, and as a mechanic, we all can easily lose our patience and get frustrated to the point of throwing tools. Women have plenty of patience, and even if they lose their cool, usually the result is just ignoring everyone. Which doesn’t harm anyone, keeping life in the shop safer and more peaceful.

The feminine touch isn’t only about style and organization but it’s also about a steady hand and gentleness. Being a mechanic, it pays off in many situations to have a steady and gentle hand. If something isn’t fitting together properly, women generally have a more gentle approach to solving the problem, rather than being “rammy”. Being rough with parts and equipment never ends well; brute force tends to break things. Whereas tactic and a slight hand could just be the difference between breaking or fixing the equipment.


5. Reading Instructions

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” ~Margaret Fuller

Rule #1 of being female, always read the instructions. It’s genetically programmed into the female brain to read every single word on an instruction manual or box for an item before use. In the mechanic’s world, many parts do come with instructions that most mechanics would throw away claiming they “don’t need them” and “know how to assemble it anyway” because they’ve been doing it that way for years. There are times where procedures change and the instructions become very important. If not read, and the instructions had changed, the part would be installed incorrectly, royally screwing things up. Therefore, hiring a female mechanic who will always read the instructions before assembly could save your shop some serious coin.


6. Organizational SkillsOrganization is Key

“Ability to use time, energy and resources effectively to achieve goals.” ~Ehow.com

Above all else, organization in a shop is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter whether it is tools or parts. If you can’t find anything, you’ll never get anything fixed. If there was an award for organizational skills, a woman would win it every year. It’s what they’re best at and what they love to do. It’s calming for them, a common de-stressing technique. For example, the female toolbox is always kept clean and organized by the end of the day; not a tool out of place by the time the lights are off and the doors are locked. Having a woman in your shop absolutely guarantees a clean and organized shop and that is a must have for any workplace.


7. Driven Learners

“When you know better you do better.” ~Maya Angelou

Being a woman in a man’s world, women have to work harder, better and faster to prove themselves. If a woman wants something, she’ll go out and get it because they are very driven. They’ll work their butts off to achieve what they want. They are driven learners and will stop at nothing to learn new skills and how to master new techniques. They will work twice as hard as any other person in the room if they have something to prove. They will gather up every source of information they can until they become not only good at what they do but great at it.


8. Leadership

“Leadership is the ability to help people achieve things they don’t think are possible.” ~Randy Stocklin

Women are natural born leaders. Contrary to popular belief, women who come into positions of power are often thought of as cold, bossy, strict, and unempathetic. This is not the case. In fact, women make exceptional leaders because they are able to communicate with others around them. They are mature, strong. They show empathy and understanding towards other employees and they are compassionate about their work. Now, being in a man’s world, it may take a little longer to gain trust and respect from the other men, but it always is eventually achieved. Once that has been accomplished, they won’t have a problem leading their team.


9. Work Ethic

“The act of working hard and diligently.” ~Reference.com

Motivation is key in the shop. If you show good incentive to work you will go farther. Female mechanics show these qualities on a daily basis. Not only are they highly motivated to work on cars and equipment, but even when the shop is slow you don’t have to pester them to do something. They’ve already got ten lists made up of things that need to be done and a list for all the other guys too; they’ll get everybody up and working. When it comes to organization and cleaning, women have the most incentive for that. You will never see a woman sitting around with nothing to do in a shop, she will always find something productive to fill her time with.


10. Communication Skills

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” ~James Humes

Women in the workforce possess excellent communicative skills. If they are unsure of something, they will ask before proceeding. If they need more projects or vehicles to work on, they will ask what they can do next. If they need help with any task, they’re not afraid to ask for advice. Women have no problem speaking and expressing their thoughts and ideas to management or fellow employees. When they aren’t speaking, they are listening. They intently listen to given instructions and absorb the information given to ensure they know how to correctly complete the task they are asked of. Having a woman who not only can communicate but also listen in the shop is a huge asset and an efficiency to time.


With all these great skills and work ethic, why not hire a female mechanic for your shop? You really can’t lose. So what’s the harm in trying?

Give that girl a chance and she’ll make you proud of your decision time and time again.

Shelby - The Mechanic Doctor