Where to Start with Motorcycle Mechanics


What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Maintenance

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you want to keep your ride in top shape all the time. What that means is that you have to stay on top of motorcycle repairs and maintenance on your own so that things don’t get out of hand. Many bikers tinker with their rides on a constant basis to make sure that nothing is getting out of whack. If you want to start putting more effort into your bike, here are some things you need to know:


Follow the Manual

One of the best resources you will have with regards to maintenance is your motorcycle’s repair manual. Because bikes are built differently, they need particular care and attention based on the model and year. Look through your manual to see what needs attention the most, and learn how to inspect your bike.

Also, we created 2 free printable motorcycle inspection forms to help you with that. You can use them for yourself or give them to clients in the shop.

If you would like to have a customized one or with your shop’s logo on top, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to create one for you.


Click on the button below to download the image in a hi-resolution printable format.



Start with the Basics

You may want to jump right into installing the best motorcycle mods, but you don’t want to try and run before you walk. If you’re already intimately familiar with your bike’s systems, then you can start to install upgrades and the like. But if not, then don’t move too fast. First, master simple things like changing the oil or cleaning your bike chain. Start with one component and move on once you’ve mastered it.


Know What Comes First

The more you can understand how your bike works, the better off you’ll be when it comes to performing maintenance. For example, your Pirelli motorcycle tires will need to be checked far more often than your suspension, and your oil will have to be changed more frequently than your brake fluid. To keep yourself on track, make a schedule about when to inspect different components so you don’t fall behind.

For example, here’s a Suzuki GSX-R maintenance chart:

GSRX Maintenance Chart


Last Words

Of course, bike mechanics can be a little intimidating at first. I’m still not a motorcycle expert myself either. But remember that even if the engine is configured differently, it’s mostly the same components as with any other internal combustion engine you can find in today’s vehicles.

So get yourself a couple of books on motorcycle mechanics, grab your tools, start with the basics and work your way up! With a lot of work and dedication, anyone can learn motorcycle mechanics in no time.

This is just an expression obviously. Becoming a good mechanic takes time. A lot of time. 

But isn’t learning new things on a daily basis one of the best things about being a mechanic?

I hope it helped!

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