10 Most Amazing Off-Road Destinations in the U.S.

Gear up for the best off-road adventures throughout the United States. Whether you’re hitting an unmarked trail in your home state or searching for a distant land for the ultimate vacation spot, take a quick pitstop for off-road accessories and leave the asphalt behind.

The US has no shortage of off-road destinations for avid adventurers. In fact, you can expect to experience amazing off-roading adventures in pretty much all of the 50 states. Let’s get started!

Two ATVs driving in the desert sand

1. Oceano Dunes, California

Enjoy 3,600 acres of beautiful beach for the perfect ATV trek. You can bomb around the dunes with a side-by-side and park for a day of surfing, swimming or fishing before blazing a new trail through the sand. You are going to fall in love with the stunning landscapes and the off-roading trails in Oceano Dunes is going to make you work hard for your enjoyment.

2. Lanai, Hawaii

A hidden gem in Hawaii, this pristine island is only navigated by 30 miles of paved roads and beautiful dirt trails. In fact, it has over 400 miles of road to be explored by any off-road four-wheelers. Whether you’re looking for tropical beaches, mountain trails or a scenic drive through the rainforest, you’ll find it all on this best-kept secret of Hawaii. If Hawaii is on your list of destinations, Lanai has to be one of the first places to go off-roading adventures. Your off-road adventure in Lanai can start just after a 20 minutes ride from the main city of Lanai and Kanepuu Preserve can be your first exploration area for off-road adventure. You can drive more to reach the beautiful white sands of Polihua Beach. In your drive, you can experience the lunar landscape of Keahiakawelo which is known as the Garden of the Gods. So, the opportunities for adventures are endless in Lanai, Hawaii.

3. West Virginia

Drive just outside of any town or city in West Virginia and you’ll see why the entire state made this list. The 500 miles of Hatfield and McCoy Trail System, Pinnacle Creek West Virginia Trail System and even the ATV-accessible towns all add up to the perfect state to cruise any backroad. Wooded hills and history-soaked Civil War battlefields are never far away. The chaos Offroad park located in Capon Bride is often regarded as the “skate park for 4x4s”. It is a fantastic place to go for a family off-road vacation and you can expect to challenge yourself with ledges, giant boulders and hill climbs.

4. Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho

If switchbacks get your blood pumping, then escape from the flatlands at Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Idaho boasts many mountains, but none compare to the beautiful views and comfortable dirt trails of this wonderful recreation area. More than anything else, you are going to fall in love with the natural beauty of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area

5. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

If uncrowded trails, massive waterfalls, and ocean-like views are your idea of adventure, then take a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Be sure to check out Tahquamenon Falls and scenic views of Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and accessories to make your trip comfortable and pleasing. You must have a valid driver’s license in addition to having your off-road vehicle insured. If you have a snowmobile, both upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan can be one of the finest forest areas to explore and enjoy.

6. White Rim Trail, Utah

Search for Indian ruins and iconic arches in Utah’s White Rim Trail. The 100-mile trail offers unforgettable views of red sand and empty two-tracks. Be warned that while 4WD vehicles and motorbikes are allowed, ATVs on the other are not.

It’s worth mentioning that campsites are available for explorers who would like to enjoy the full wilderness adventure and sleep in the wild overnight. Truly a memorable experience!

7. El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona

The aptly named, “Devil’s Highway” is a 250-mile road that skirts the Mexican border. Take your off-road vehicle down a historic trail used by miners, missionaries and settlers.

8. Dalton Highway, Alaska

Check grizzly bear sightings and 24-hour days off your bucket list in this northern route. Alaska’s Dalton Highway is home to long-haul truckers, uncharted territory and miles of road with no sign of civilization. You may not know that Dalton Highway is one of the only two roads in North America crossing the Arctic Circle. Through the boreal forests, across the Yukon river, then well-known Brooks Range mountains and the Atigun Pass Continental pass, you can enjoy a trip to remember rest of your life. So, if you wish to go off-roading, Dalton Highway might be a great idea. You can in fact drive on and off the road as you please!

9. Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

The Alpine Loop Trail combines seven haunting ghosts towns and an easy loop for any 2WD vehicle. Side trails are best left to your off-road vehicle. It’s best to visit during the summer, as this trail is completely closed in the winter. So, if you are planning to go for an off-road adventure somewhere around Colorado, Alpine Loop Trail is the place to be. You are going to live the natural views and also the weather but remember not to plan for winter as it is closed completely in the winter.

10. Mojave Road, Arizona

Load up on water and cruise the 140-mile trail through Arizona and California. The Mojave Road is a dry trail in the middle of the old Soda Lake bed. Historical trails, iconic landmarks, and unforgiving desert terrain make this a memorable way to spend a weekend.

Last words

Before you conquer these unmatched off-road journeys, be sure you have the right vehicle for the job. Prep your off-road bike, side-by-side or truck with the latest off-road and truck accessories.

To get out of sticky situations in off-road trails, make sure you have quality winches. If you wish to go into deep forest or remote areas, make sure you are not alone, otherwise, things might be too difficult for you to handle unknown situations. Have a passenger or another off-road 4×4 rider with you for maximum adventure and fun.