What To Do When You Need Your Car Keys Replaced

There are mainly two types of car owners present out there. The one who always keeps his car’s key safe as a treasure and the other who doesn’t know where he put the keys. No matter if you are driving a Tesla or Ford, keys always have a central point of attraction. Unfortunately, everyone pays a lot of attention to the things like changing fuel, taking care of cars, car wash, and tires that we forget to take care of keys and lose them. At this point, the real hustle begins. So, in this article, I am going to show you different situations in which you need to replace the keys, along with helping you explore the best and most affordable solution to replace the keys. Let’s have a look.

●     Keys Lost Or Misplaced

Lost and misplaced car keys are the most common type for which you need a replacement key. The problem with lost keys is that your car doesn’t recognize you. There comes a high-security risk as you never know where you have replaced it.

You might also lose the entire car if you don’t fix this issue as soon as possible. Suppose you have also misplaced keys. You must contact the insurance company or an auto repairer to pass a hard time. Alternatively, you could contact a reliable car key replacement company such as KeyNOW, which offers a range of replacement car keys. If you’ve lost keys to your Ford car, for example, they offer Ford Key Replacement quickly and efficiently.

The best solution to this type of situation is always to keep a spare pair of keys just as a backup to save yourself from future tension.

●     Keys Broke

Broken car keys are no worst than losing your keys. You need to replace keys in this type of situation too. For many cars, keys get worn down and damaged due to constant use. Also, you will have to face this hurdle if you have a naughty child.

In advanced cars, some keys comprise a transponder. Basically, the transponder is a small cell that sends a protection signal to the car’s working. When the vehicle receives this signal, it automatically starts the engine.

However, if this cell gets damaged or exposed to moisture, you will have to replace the keys and get a new one faster. Also, you will have to reprogram the signal unit.

●     Upgrading Your Lock

If you have the oldest model, nearly 10 -20 years old, you might need to upgrade your car’s security system. Today you will notice an automatic locking and unlocking system. However, this system was not standard twenty years back. Also, old vehicles don’t need more than just a simple screwdriver to unlock the system.

To protect your car from external threats and save your thing, you need to upgrade the system. So, when you decide to replace and upgrade the security system, you will also need to replace your keys.

●     Problematic Security System

With enhanced technology, we now have modern cars that have several methods to look for theft. The same is the case with the alarm system. Like, if you notice that someone has tried to break your lock and get into your vehicle, your alarm system will start beating right away.

However, to solve the complicated and broken security system, you need to replace the car keys and get a new security system fastly. By doing so, you will let the system function smoothly again.

How To Get Replacement Car Keys

There are many methods through which you can easily replace your car keys and start your drive. Some of the main ways are:

●     Contacting An Auto Locksmith

Contacting an auto locksmith is a simple and easy solution to replace his car keys. Also, this approach is less expensive than all other replacement methods. An auto locksmith owns all types of tools and equipment to solve your problem; this method is also faster.

Some auto locksmiths have equipment like carrying key programming materials worth more than $100,000. They can help you replace all car keys, even of different models. Also, an auto locksmith doesn’t only help you get unlocked from the car. But he is also capable of many techniques like cutting and copying vehicle keys, repairing keys, and replacing old or lost ones.

You can also contact them for program remote key fobs and vehicle locks changing.

●     Insurance Provider

Depending on your car insurance, you can have a look if the company is covering replacing keys or not. Each insurance company provides its terms and conditions. Also, you need to consider whether claiming a key replacement from an insurance company affects your bonuses.

Using insurance to replace keys could prove expensive.

Many insurance providers provide you with a key cover policy as a premium. In this situation, you need to pay extra for your car insurance too. Also, some of the insurance offers use auto locksmith services to get your job fixed without any struggle.

●     Local Garage

You can also use a local garage service to replace your broken and lost key. Although this method is expensive and slow, most of the garages charge high for their equipment. Also, some garages don’t even have any special coding equipment on their site.

You might face some issues finding a suitable garage and getting your job done.

●     Car Dealership

Availing of an opportunity by going to your dealer can be expensive and time-consuming. Unlike an auto locksmith or a local garage, car dealers might have only some of the necessary equipment to help you in different circumstances.

Also, they might need help to provide you with programming for the key fob and another diagnosis. Most car dealers also use specialized auto locksmiths to solve your issues. In that case, you will never need to face any challenging issues.

Last Words

Replacing your car keys has now gotten easy. As you never need to go and visit the dealers. Wait for them to come and overcharge you or look out for the right technology. All you can do is find some online car key replacement service and get your hands on the new keys. Furthermore, you can also order keys online and get in touch with the companies in no time.