Tesla Model 3 Accessories to Improve Your Driving Experience

One of the most well-liked cars on the road today is the Tesla Model 3. The vehicle offers great elegance, a long driving range, and lots of room for people to spread out comfortably. But having a Tesla Model 3 involves more than just the car itself; essential accessories are also necessary.

Nowadays, a large selection of Tesla Model 3 accessories is available in the market. This article will discuss a few Tesla Model accessories you can buy to enhance your driving enjoyment. So continue reading if you’re seeking accessories for your brand-new Tesla Model 3.

Why the Tesla Model 3 is so popular?

The entry-level Model 3 has nearly all amenities as standard, unlike traditional automakers who omit them from cheaper trim levels. This consists of the main 15-inch infotainment system, two Qi wireless charging pads, connectivity for mobile key apps, all-around LED lights, an electric tailgate, a heat pump, the “Basic Autopilot” safety aid package, a built-in dash cam, and more.

In contrast to the flagship Performance, which comes with 20-inch “Uberturbine” wheels on a lower suspension, bigger and more powerful brakes with painted red calipers, a carbon composite spoiler lip, and other features choosing the Long Range only nets you excellent audio, system, front LED fog lamps, and bigger 19-inch “Sport” alloy wheels as standard (typically a $2200 option).

It’s important to note that all Model 3s include a 30-day “Premium Connectivity” trial, which can be continued for an additional $9.99 per month. It enables additional pre-installed Telstra 4G SIM card functions, such as satellite view with real-time traffic lines on Google Maps and music and video streaming without needing a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Owners who choose different assistance systems, such as automatic lane switching, “Summon,” and others will have to fork over $10,000. It is anticipated that the cost will rise soon.

Here are some of its most popular accessories.

Rubber Mats for Floor Covering

Rubber floor coverings are specifically made to fit the Tesla Model 3 and are built of strong materials to ensure a long lifespan. You won’t have to be concerned about stains or spots in your Tesla because they are simple to clean.

Storage Tray for Console

The center console storage space in the Tesla Model is inadequate for keeping your items tidy and handy. Fortunately, an accessory piece called a storage tray fits exactly into this area, allowing you to store all your belongings without having to worry about them spilling or falling out.


This fantastic accessory will shield your inside upholstery from heat and UV rays and provide that protection. Sun cover perfectly matches the Model 3’s windshield, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off or obstructing your view. They are made of high-quality materials to ensure longevity and convenience of usage.

Seat Covers

Why not buy seat coverings to alter your car’s interior design? Because they are constructed of nylon, these accessories are strong and simple to maintain. Plus, they are specifically made for the Model 3, so you know they will fit precisely. They are available in many different hues as well.

Bluetooth charger

You won’t have wireless charging if you own a Model 3 from 2019 or 2020; that function is only available on Model 3s from 2021 and later. You can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly, thanks to this device!

Most members of your family may utilize it because it is compatible with the majority of cell phone models, including Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Visit different online accessories stores if you’re interested in buying Tesla accessories! Many of the Tesla Model 3 accessories they provide will assist make owning an electric car even more joyful than it already is. Some top online retailers provide goods made using premium components and expert craftsmanship to ensure long-term value.

Wrap for Center Console Decoration

The sleek center console of the Model 3 is attractive but also vulnerable to scratches. A console wrap is an easy solution to shield the beautiful surface of your car’s console from objects like keys, coins, and other small objects. The wrap kit is one of the favorite accessories Model 3 owners will like due to its utility and good looks.

You can further personalize the appearance of your vehicle with a console wrap. The matte black finish is elegant and unique and conceals fingerprints as a bonus. However, replacing the console wrap is a simple and painless operation if you decide to do so. Because the vinyl wrap doesn’t leave any residue, you may switch it out whenever you desire a new look.

Drink or Cup Holder

Every car needs this basic component. This cup holder, made of sturdy and high-quality materials, properly fits into the center console storage area of the Tesla Model 3, eliminating the risk of sliding out or dropping your drinks while driving, which can be very risky.

Organizer for Trunks

The Tesla Model 3’s trunks have ample room for luggage storage and even come with a useful side pocket. However, some items are too large for the storage compartment and are prone to falling out while traveling. The answer? is a convenient trunk organizer! It uses velcro to attach to the side of the boot and creates a wall or barrier to keep all of your valuables in the side pocket storage.

Cargo Floor Mats for the front and back

This wonderful add-on will shield your Tesla Model 3 from dust, debris, and other potentially damaging substances. These cargo mats are made of high-grade fabrics that guarantee longevity and are tailored to each model to get the ideal aesthetic and maximum coverage simultaneously.

Canine Seat Cover

A seat cover is essential if you have pets, particularly during the rainy season. This product’s amazing feature is how simple it is to install and how well it fits. Additionally, it is simple to clean, so spills and stains won’t be a problem.

Final Note

The Tesla Model 3 is a highly regarded electric vehicle in every country. It is one of the most popular car models of the company and is well-liked by users. If you’re one of the fortunate Tesla Model 3 owners, online accessories stores have a wide selection of affordable items to help you get the most out of your vehicle. They sell necessities for your Tesla Model 3’s daily use and items that give it the best possible inside and exterior protection.