What Are Some Must-Haves For A Camper?

Camping is an out-of-the-world experience. The one-on-one encounter with nature is something that outdoor enthusiasts love. It is also a great way to explore undiscovered and untouched places.

A camper from CamperFront.com is the best way to get the most out of your camping trip. Know why? Because camping is probably best enjoyed when you can sleep in peace, so you are refreshed and re-energized for exploring the surrounding areas in the morning.

If you want to make the most out of your camping trip, the following are some must-haves for a camper:

Hiking And Cycling Equipment

If you want to explore the area around, you will need hiking or cycling equipment to get around during the day. Park your camper in a safe place and take out your foldable cycles to go where the RV can’t take you.

Rv Securing Equipment

The essentials that you need for securing your camper are at the top of the list of must-haves. This includes RV levelers, which will assure that your RV is not damaged when there is no even surface available for parking and that moving around inside is comfortable.

Also, when you park your camper, RV wheel chocks will keep your RV in place, keeping the wheels from rolling when parked on uneven surfaces.

RV wheel covers are also essential, which will safeguard your tires from dust, corrosion, and sun damage.

Power Equipment

A must-have on your list when going out camping is power equipment. Your RV might have specific amp requirements. Therefore, keeping an adaptor cord matched to your camper’s amp will convert the power source, keeping the equipment and RV safe.

Packing a power extension cord is also necessary since you might be parked away from the power source. Instead of borrowing from other campers or looking around for an extension, it is best that you keep this item on your checklist.

Keeping a small generator for powering up the RV in places where power is unavailable or while on the go is also a must-have for your camping trip.

Water Equipment

When you’re out to camp, water is one of the things you will need apart from food. To get fresh water from campgrounds, you need to have equipment ready to get water whenever you need to. For this, a BPA-free fresh water hose for drinking water is a must.

For regulating the pressure of water, a pressure regulator valve, and for sharing a hose, a hose splitter is a must-have, especially if you are traveling with fellow campers.

Washroom Items

To keep your RV fresh and free from odors from the washroom, some items are a must-have. This includes:

  • A 20 ft sewer hose: to remove the sewer water when you are leaving the campsite
  • Sewer hose support: to make sure the sewer hose does not disconnect when the water is being ejected.
  • Grey water odor control: to keep the washroom from smelling when you flush
  • Tank deodorizer: to keep the tank fresh and the washroom clean and odor-free.


To enjoy your camping experience to the utmost, getting space extenders like awnings and screened pop-up shelters are a must. They will help save you from the sun when you are out of the camper and keep the bugs and rodents away too.

A gizmo to strengthen a flimsy tent trailer in a pop-up camper is also a must-have whether you are camping in the winters or the summers.

Foldable Equipment

Cooking prepared meals out of the camper is only possible if you have packed foldable tables and camping chairs as well as BBQ grills.

Foldable crates are a great way to store your stuff in the camper since there is limited space inside. You might also install foldable shelves, but it requires preparing beforehand.

You can also add foldable trash cans to save space as well as travel eco.

Diffusers And Dehumidifiers

Traveling in a confined space like a camper can cause a smell from the stuffiness. Therefore, a dehumidifier or an essential oils diffuser can help keep the smells at bay and leave you feeling fresh.

Recyclable Cutlery

Recyclable cutlery and plates are a must if you want to travel eco-friendly. You can also carry washable crockery and cutlery, but you will have to wash them before storing them in the RV so the food particles do not cause a smell in the RV, which will be difficult to get rid of.

Final Thoughts

Camping can be a refreshing experience. These must-haves will assure that your experience is re-energizing rather than troublesome because of missing the essentials of camping.