Is It Worth Renting a Car in Dubai?

When traveling to Dubai, many travelers think about what method of transportation around the city they should choose. This metropolis has public transport in the form of comfortable buses, and you can also call a taxi.

However, more and more often, tourists and business people visiting Dubai choose a service such as car rental. All the features of this method of moving around the city, as well as how profitable such a solution is, should be understood in detail.

Why Do You Need a Rented Car in Dubai and Where Can You Drive It?

Renting a car in Dubai is beneficial, especially if you need to travel a lot within the city and around the Emirates. And if you need to look presentable for a business meeting or party, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, for example, or another luxury car.

  1. Renting a car is an opportunity to gain complete freedom of movement around Dubai. You can visit the places you like at any time and make stops at your own discretion. You can independently plan all your excursions according to a convenient schedule rather than adjusting to other people.
  2. There are a huge number of places in the Emirates that are worth visiting, and it will be much easier to do this with a rented car. In addition, many travel agencies impose unnecessary services on their clients, and they devote too little time to visiting important attractions.
  3. Prices for excursions cannot be called low, so it is much more profitable to rent a car and visit tourist places on your own.
  4. The cost of car rental in the Emirates is quite reasonable. You should also remember that gasoline in the UAE is very cheap.
  5. Even inexperienced drivers will have no problems getting around Dubai, as there are ideal roads everywhere and a well-developed driving culture.
  6. Local traffic rules are intuitive. Driving here is easy and safe.
  7. The crime situation in the country is very low, so you don’t have to be afraid to leave your car unattended.
  8. Car rentals in the UAE are in excellent condition; most of them are completely new.
  9. Most local hotels offer free parking spaces for their guests. There are free parking lots in the city itself.

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The Cost of Renting a Car in Dubai – Where Is the Best Place to Rent a Car?

There are two ways to rent a car in the UAE – contact a company offering a similar service immediately upon arrival in Dubai, or do it in advance by booking a car online. The second option is more convenient, as it allows you to save time during your stay in the country – the car will be waiting for the owner immediately upon arrival in Dubai, in a place convenient for him. Another important factor is that the cost of renting a car via the Internet is always lower, while local rental companies sometimes charge respectable prices.

Advice for Dubai guests: the longer the rental period, the cheaper this service will be. Therefore, sometimes it is worth renting a car for the entire duration of your stay in the Emirates. Before booking a vehicle through the site, you should carefully study the proposed conditions in order to choose the most favorable offer for your vehicle.

As for the rental cost, it is approximately $40 per day (the exact price will depend on the chosen car brand, rental period, etc.). For comparison, you will have to pay about $50 to travel by taxi to Dubai during the day.

By keeping these factors in mind and planning ahead, you can secure the best car rental deal that aligns with your budget and travel requirements during your visit to Dubai.