How to Jump Start Your Car no Matter Where you Are

The camping trip was a success. Your party had great fun last night, and now everything is packed back in the car, and it’s time to go home. You turn the key, and…nothing happens.

It seemed such a great idea last night to illuminate the camp with the car headlights. It was also a genius idea to pump out tunes from the car stereo, especially now you have those awesome subwoofers fitted.

Unfortunately, though, you drained your battery. The website How Stereo published an article stating that a car battery may run down after only 4 to 6 hours if the stereo is playing when the engine is off. This isn’t really very long and can catch many people out.

However, no problem right? You’ll get a jump from one of the other campers on the site. Except you went off the grid. You’re miles from anywhere, and anyone. So, how can you get yourself and your car out of this?

How can you start your car when the battery is dead?

You would typically have three options for getting a car going when the battery is drained. The most common option is to jump-start it by connecting it to another car’s battery.

This is a practical and usually successful way to start a car up. Another option is to push start the car. This involves finding some willing people to push your car until you get up enough speed to be able to engage the clutch and rotate the engine.

If the battery is completely dead, then the third option might be to replace the battery with a new one.

None of these options is useful if you are camping off-grid, and miles from the nearest town. There is, though, one other way to start the car, as long as you are prepared.

Keeping a solar jump starter with you means that you should always be able to get your car started, no matter where you are.

Can solar jump starters help to keep your battery topped up?

Many solar jump starters also have battery chargers and maintainers built-in. When you are concerned about how long a car battery can sit unused, you will find peace of mind with a maintainer.

Attaching a solar jump starter to a car battery can lead to it charging and maintaining the battery levels. This is especially helpful if you are leaving the car standing for some time, such as at a campsite.

A trickle charger can also help in two other ways. Anyone storing their car for months on end will discover that their battery is drained when they try to start it. A trickle charger exposed to the sun will keep the battery alive.

Also, if you were camping and wanted to enjoy your tunes, the charger will stop the battery from dying and do away with the need to jump-start the car. Hopefully, but this might depend on how powerful your stereo system is.

What is a trickle charger?

The distinction between a battery charger, and a trickle charger, is that the latter is designed to charge slowly.

Some solar jump starters come with battery chargers for a fast charge, and some come with trickle chargers that are more suited for vehicles being stored over time.

A trickle charger releases energy to the battery in a slow, and steady manner. This is important to know, as a trickle charger may not be what you want when you need a quick charge.

What is the benefit of maintaining a car battery’s levels?

If you take your car to the beach, the park, or camping, and use the lights, the radio, a video screen, or any in-built electronics, you will be using the battery.

This will drain it, and could potentially be the end of it. Older batteries that are completely drained may need to be replaced. However, newer ones can be recharged.

The problem though is that draining car batteries shortens their lives. You can make your car battery last longer with proper care, and this includes maintaining its levels.

The important thing to note when purchasing a solar battery maintainer is that you get one with enough wattage. Some devices will charge slowly if they cannot produce ample watts.


Solar power is entering all aspects of life now. All manner of devices are powered by solar energy, so it is no surprise to see jump starters incorporate sustainable energy too.

The benefits are clear for anyone who is stranded with their car, but there are also ecological advantages.

One great piece of news regarding the environment is that most car batteries get recycled. Earth 911 notes that regular car batteries are recycled more than any other product in the whole of the US.

However, making them last longer is still helpful to the environment so a solar jump starter that incorporates a trickle charger may be a useful addition to your car accessories.