What You Need to Know About High-Mileage Car Maintenance

To extend the life of a car, it is mandatory to carry out regular maintenance. However, the type of maintenance to be carried out on a car depends on several parameters including the type of use. This implies that the maintenance to be carried out on a car that drives little differs from that to be carried out on a car that drives a lot. . But when you use your car regularly, what maintenance is suitable for it? This is a question that we answered a little below.

Why maintain a car that drives a lot?

Although there are several reasons why you should have your car serviced when you drive it a lot, the main reason is to avoid breakdowns. Indeed, you are aware that a car that drives a lot makes more trips and is more functional than an occasional car or one for normal use. Thus each of the parts is much more likely to wear out quicker than the parts of an occasional car.

If you consider that the maintenance of your car will be done at the same frequency as that of an occasional car, then do not be surprised to be confronted with regular breakdowns. Indeed, with a car that is driven a lot but not maintained, you may experience abnormal noises, abnormal smoke emissions as well as a loss of engine power.

Such malfunctions affect the operation of the car which could break down. So, during your journeys, you may find yourself somewhere with a car that refuses to restart.

Also, we would highly suggest having your car checked up by a professional. You never know when a bigger problem may be lurking and having your car inspected is always your best bet to avoid those problems in the first place. Sure, nobody likes having to go sit for an hour at the mechanic while you have nothing better to do than to play your favorite casino game on your phone (I personally like Grande Vegas casino bonuses but that’s just me lol), but it’s still better than doing the same on the side of the road while waiting for a tow truck.

What is the appropriate maintenance for a high-mileage car?

For a car that drives a lot, proper maintenance is periodic maintenance. Performed by a professional, periodic maintenance is a complete maintenance of the car. For a car with normal use, it is recommended to do this maintenance every 15,000 km for a petrol car and every 30,000 km for a diesel car.

But since it is a car that drives a lot, the maintenance interval will be halved. In other words, it is advisable to do periodic maintenance every 7500 km for petrol cars that drive a lot and every 15000 km for diesel cars that drive a lot.

However, during this maintenance, the professional will have to check the bulbs, the lights as well as the wear of the brakes and the tires. It will also be an opportunity to change some filters such as the air filter, the oil filter, the cabin filter, and the air conditioning purge.

The professional will also take care of checking the underbody of the car, checking the electronic box, checking the levels, and changing the engine oil.

What are the reflexes to have for the maintenance of a high-mileage car?

It is certainly true that we have recommended that you perform periodic maintenance on your car. But there are certain reflexes that you must have in order to maintain your car before the periodic maintenance deadline.

First of all, we advise you to consult the maintenance booklet for your car, which indicates the frequency of maintenance for the type of car you have.

We also recommend that you pay attention to your car. For example, a loss of power, abnormal noises, and emission of smoke as well as an indicator light that lights up on the dashboard are signs indicating an anomaly.

Likewise, check the condition of the tires, headlights, and indicators on a daily basis, then weekly check the correct level of oil and the condition of the windshield wipers.

Auto parts in all this?

The cost and quality of the auto parts that you are going to install or have installed on your automobile is of great importance.

No longer in the 90s when we called an auto parts store and paid without wondering if it could be cheaper elsewhere, now we have to take the time to shop around.

Loyalty in purchases no longer exists, the economic situation simply no longer allows it.

So take the time to shop around when you have a car part to change. You might be very surprised to save 50% or even more just by informing yourself properly with a few auto parts stores or by contacting us to get the right price.

Repairs done on time

Take the last point, for example, the frequency of interviews. We are not just talking about oil changes and preventive inspection, but rather the strange noises your car makes.

Waiting until later to have a noise checked and repaired that will certainly turn into more serious damage fairly quickly is not the right option.

Sadly, for most people, postponing a repair is far too often the norm.

However, a repair not carried out in time can lead to another repair and thus double or even triple the costs if it would have been done in time.

So why wait? Take care of your car in time and you won’t regret it.

Who does the repairs?

Saving money by fixing your car in time and avoiding other problems is very wise, but how can you save even more?

You’d be surprised how many of your friends or acquaintances know of a good mechanic who does evening or weekend jobs at a reduced rate compared to a traditional mechanic’s garage.

Of course, you have to be careful to make sure that this mechanic who charges a fraction of the price is really qualified, but very often they are already day mechanics in a general mechanical workshop which gives a good indication of their ability to take good care of your vehicle.