A Day in the Life of an Auto Mechanic | Toyota Corolla Engine Swap

This video is part of our “A Day in the Life of an Auto Mechanic” series we created to show what it’s like to work as an auto mechanic on a daily basis in a small repair shop.

That Monday morning, our client came in with his car not in a great working condition. The oil pressure sensor was leaking like hell which led the engine to run without oil for an unknown amount of time. This caused engine overheating and seizure. By the time the car arrived at the shop, the engine was knocking really hard. We instantly knew major work would be needed to put that car back on the road. Because a complete overhaul of the engine would have been pretty expensive and because you can find a lot of Corolla engines for an affordable price in most junkyards, we decided to replace it instead of repairing it.

We recorded the process to let you see how we work and what it’s like to work in a small auto repair shop. You’ll notice that we work in a team of 2, which is not something you see pretty often in most shops. We work that way because 1- we find that it’s faster, more efficient and funnier and 2- because it’s our shop so we do what we want! :p

Most mechanics don’t work in teams but when you work long enough with the same partner you end up developing a working system allowing to know who does what and when. And if you are lucky enough to work with one of your closest friends, it just can’t be any better than that. Being an auto mechanic is not easy every day so working with a friend simply makes everything easier.

Toyota Corolla Engine Swap part 2

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