Car Infographic of the Week:
How Do Oxygen Sensors Work?

Oxygen sensors play a major role within your engine management system. They monitor the air/fuel ratio of the exhaust gases and make sure your catalytic converters are working properly. As important as they can be to ensure the good working condition of your engine, they tend to fail pretty often as they are one of the most frequent cause of check engine lights lighting up.

This week’s infographic was created by Bosch, one of the leading manufacturer of O2 sensors. While it may look a bit like an infomercial, promoting their brand and all, the information is still valuable since most oxygen sensors work exactly the same.

So, whether you want to know how oxygen sensors work and why they matter so much to you or you just want a quick reminder, take a look at the infographic below!



 (Click on the image for a larger view!)

Infographic: How Do Oxygen Sensors Work

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