Top 10 Budget-Friendly Car Gadgets To Upgrade Your Car

Living in the 21st century can be kind of hard sometimes! It is near impossible to keep a track on all of the new releases, updates, and products that are constantly being released in the markets.

Nowadays, there is a product for possibly everything! But as much as some may be useless some are also downright fabulous. Car gadgets are making a breakthrough in the markets recently and there are some pretty good steals for ya!

No need to scrounge around Walmart and Target, searching for the new IT item. We’ve compiled for you a list of the best 10 gadgets for your car that incorporate brand new technology and help improve your driving experience to the next level.

Anti-Skid Tire Blocks

With new technological advances, not only has your car experience upgraded but now your safety is in check too. Nowadays as there are many reckless drivers on the roads and you never know when you have to take a sharp turn to save your own life, this product comes in use.

Anti-ski tire blocks are basically add-on items (you can call them that) and you can attach them to your tire with the help of belted straps and buckles. They also help you in maneuvering dangerous, slippery wet roads.

Power Washer for Automobiles

Every car owner knows how pricey and headachey it is to be taking your car to the car wash every week or so. If you have a car and need it to be looking clean every week, why not invest in the Hydro Jet Power Washer that will help you perform all car wash duties at home?

Different than just another hose pipe, the power washer works as a water spout as well as a scrubber. The strong pressure of the water is enough to remove all the dirt and muck shoved deep in your tires.

Innovative Car Phone Holder

A newly introduced car phone holder that puts all others to shame, this one packs a whole lot of benefits and advantages. It brings a whole list of shock-absorbing, stability and non-slip features that do not exist in other holders.

Moreover, it is majorly known for how well it keeps a hold on your phone while you’re driving. Regardless of how many potholes and speed bumps you go over, the holder latches on to your phone tightly.

A true lifesaver that saves you from personally handling your phone while driving, this one is a must-have in these modern times.

GPS Powered Car Tracker

Yet another super-nifty gadget that has been recently introduced in the markets but with newer changes, the real-time car tracker is exactly what it sounds. With the help of certain GPS trackers, the gadget syncs with your phone to inform you of your car’s current location.

The gadget works with a SIM card that should be installed prior to the search for your car and after that, it should work perfectly. It basically integrates with your phone and registers the GPS track of your car and hence helps you locate it in case of theft.

However, there is one fallback of this gadget is that it is of no use if your car is parked in an area without mobile signals. In that case, it will provide you with the last location of your car. That maybe can be improved in the next upgrade.

Mini Dent Removal Repair Kit

Ever hit a ‘whoopsie’ while clumsily driving? We’ve all been there! But the ‘whoopsie-daisy’ is not even the worst part. It is having to go all the way to a mechanic to fix a little dent in your car.

That’s like the car washing issue except it is way worse. You can’t go around with a dented car and it seems foolish to go all the way to the mechanic for something as small as that.

That is why there has been invented a dent removal toolkit which works with suction and pressure. A perfect DIY project to embark on! However, it doesn’t work for BIG dents, just small ones.

Heating Blanket with Car Plug

No one wants to waste their car’s fuel by turning up the heater for hours on end while driving. In the winter months, your feet turn to ice and suddenly you can’t feel the accelerator or brakes. Dangerous!

The heating car blanket is an economical and energy-saving choice that is portable. You can get out of the car with the blanket on you to keep yourself warm in the contrasting temperatures. Remember to unplug it from your car and it will retain the heat for quite a long while.

Removable Car Windshield Shield

The issue with leaving your car in the sun to the point where the temperature inside is enough to bake cookies is way too big. The biggest culprit in this situation has to be your windshield.

The glass allows for the sun to shine in and in turn heat everything up. In such situations, frustrated drivers opted for the high-density polyester windshield cover to help cool things down. And boy, they did!

Car Organizer Seat Bag

Messy cars are horrible. People get instantly judged by the state of affairs their car is in, and if you’re one of those messy people…then you need this!

The car seat organizer bag is hung on…your seat and helps in keeping items you need frequently in arms reach and not in a horrid pile in your trunk.

Car Edge Protective Tape

The sound of your car door’s edge screeching up against a concrete wall as your conscience kicks in, in the last minute draws goosebumps immediately.

To avoid such a situation completely, car owners like to line their car door edges with this type of protector. The protector is basically an adhesive tape that needs no formal installation and can be applied by anyone.

It is also known to prevent dust, water, air, air conditioning leakage, vibration and gaps in your car. You can apply it on the edges of our trunk, hood, grills, and doors.

Magic Eraser for Small Scratches

What’s more embarrassing? A dent or a scratch? Definitely both but a scratch is way too obvious for anyone to miss. Pain jobs are hella expensive too, so people are mostly stuck with a scratched car for ages until they can come around to redoing the pain job.

A temporary fix probably invented by an extremely frustrated driver who couldn’t help but always scratch his car, is the magic scratch eraser. Full of repair filler, the pen has a tip like that of a highlighter pen and can be used on all paint jobs.