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August – Deals Of The Month

Right after the launch of this blog, we started receiving tons of emails from auto parts manufacturers and tool companies. They would shower us with coupon codes and various promotions so we could write reviews on products and promote stuff to our readers. And, as much as we love tools and, especially deals on tools, we simply can’t use all the coupons and buy all the discounted tools they send our way…

So, we decided to create a series of post to share some of the best auto part deals and tools promo codes we receive every week to help you save some money once again.

We will only share the absolute best deals and select only those on stuff we would personally recommend. You know me; I don’t like ads. And it will stay that way… but honestly, some of the deals we get are just too good to go to waste. We simply share so you can benefit from them too!

Anyway, here’s this month’s Auto Mechanic Tools Deals of the Month!

Launch Creader CRP123

Save 30.0% on select products from Launch with promo code 30HIBC75, through 8/31 while supplies last.

The Launch Creader CRP123 is the little brother of the CRP129, which finished second in our “Top 3 Best OBD2 Scan Tools” post. The CRP129 is, in fact, the scan tool we use on a daily basis in the shop and we bought it last year to replace our aging Genisys using one of these coupon codes. It has pretty much all the same functions for a fraction of the price.

The main difference between the two is that CRP129 will do SAR Steering Angle Reset (Land Rover only), and EPB Electronic Parking Brake (BMW only). CRP123 will not. But unless you are a professional mechanic and you absolutely need these functions, CRP123 will do the job well enough.

Launch X431 Creader 3001 

Save 30.0% on select products from Launch with promo code 30DWWNZA, through 8/31 while supplies last.

If you only need a cheap and quick DTC code reader, the X431 Creader 3001 should do the trick. It doesn’t have all the functions of other high-end OBD2 scan tools, but it can:

  • Read & Clear DTCs;
  • Turn off check engine lights;
  • View live data;
  • View freeze frame data;
  • Perform O2 sensor tests;
  • Perform evap system tests.

It covers most basic functions and it’s easy enough to be used by any car owner.

DEWALT 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit

Save 70$ on a Dewalt 1/4 impact driver kit while supplies last.

One of the most useful tools in my box is my 1/4 impact driver. These little things fit almost everywhere and are perfect for unscrewing a lot of small bolts quickly like on an oil pan replacement, valve cover gasket replacement and interior trims.

These small impact drivers tend to be a little pricey but make sure you buy one with a good warranty like this one. This Dewalt 1/4 impact driver comes with a 3-year warranty which is pretty good for the price.

Worth mentioning, it also has 3 LED lights to help you when working in dark corners as in under the dashboard where even your portable light seems to take too much place…

That’s it for this week!

I’ll try to post new automotive tools and parts deals every month but it’ll really depend on what deals we receive. I’ll only post something if there’s something valuable to post!

In the meantime, have a nice week!

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