6 Things to You Should Know Before Buying Camper Awnings

Buying a camper awning is not as simple as you think. There are things that you should seriously consider and take note of to ensure that you get the most out of your money. To help you in your purchase, we gathered solid tips from caravan awning experts. Applying these tips will allow you to use your time wisely and enjoy more value for your money. Looking for the best caravan awning will be a walk in the park if you know the following:

Know your personal and unique awning needs

Looking for the perfect camper awning will be very easy for you if you know what you want. Do you know what you want? You shouldn’t go looking for camper awnings if you don’t know what you specifically need. If you don’t know what you particularly need yet, the following questions will help you:

  1. What do you need a camper awning for?
  2. How often will you be using your caravan?
  3. Do you need more space?
  4. Do you need something lightweight?
  5. Do you have particular hobbies?
  6. Will you be expecting guests and entertaining visitors during your road adventure?
  7. Do you have a personal style or aesthetic that you want to stick to?

Knowing the answers to the following will slowly but surely point you to the right camper awning to look for. Doing this will be particularly easy if you already know yourself and your unique lifestyle needs.

Have a quantified budget

You should have a clear budget. There are thousands of awnings available from different websites and shops. You will be easily overwhelmed if you don’t have a clear budget. A clear budget will amazingly limit your options. It will also ensure that you don’t go over budget.

Avoid visiting different camper awning websites before coming up with a clear budget. Different pricing might persuade you to allocate more money for your purchase. Start with your current budget. Only will with the money that you have available. We promise you that you will find a good camper awning for your budget. You need not be afraid. If you happen to have a limited budget, you can always opt for second-hand shops or websites where owners sell pre-loved items.

Be ready to deal with the limits of your budget

Different websites will offer a number of awnings available for your caravan. You should be ready to feel frustrated and limited if your budget won’t match the pricing of most awnings. If you’re not willing to spend so much, you have to psyche yourself to not expect so much from your purchase. As in all things, more expensive camper awnings are of better quality in material and durability. Cheaper ones can be durable and long-lasting too if you’re going to pick a good brand, a particular kind of caravan awning that seamlessly caters to you and your caravan needs. Look for stores that offer discounts. Coupons can also help you pay for less.

Know the difference between campervan awnings and caravan awnings

Yes, campervan awnings are different from caravan awnings. You will just find yourself disappointed if you’d go on websites looking for different awnings only to find out that they’re not suited for your caravan. A campervan awning is not suited for a caravan. Campervan awnings come in different dimensions and mechanisms that don’t go smoothly with caravans. You’d just end up wasting your time, energy, and money if you’d carelessly shop online and end up buying a campervan awning that won’t suit your caravan at all.

To avoid this, always purchase from the original website of the awning brand of your choice. They will have particular descriptions and measurements that will make it easier for you to choose. They also offer campervan awnings separately from caravan awnings.

Know the different kinds of camper awnings

There are primarily two types of caravan awnings: driveaway awnings and sun canopy awnings.

Driveaway awnings look like big tents. They are versatile and can be used for the following:

  • sleeping in
  • eating in
  • storage

Driveaway awnings can protect you from wind and rain as they are enclosed on all sides. They can stand on their own even without your van’s support so you can leave them set up while you drive for the day. As they can stand on their own, driveaway awnings can be complicated to set up and install. Avoid one if you’re not crazy over installing stuff.

Sun canopy awnings are ones that are permanently attached to your caravan. It’s held up by poles and ropes and can be easily pulled. It is not enclosed on all sides so you will enjoy the outdoors cool breeze. It will not however protect you from heavy rain. Rain protection will heavily depend on where your caravan is parked and on where the rain is coming in.

If you need more space for everyone and more protection against changing weather, you should opt for a driveaway awning. If you want something lightweight, opt for a sun canopy awning.

Don’t forget to enjoy accessories!

This is the most fun part! Looking for caravan awnings will allow you to consider numerous accessories that will cater to your lifestyle and unique caravan needs. You should spend time looking for carpets, racks, and curtains that match your style. You’d definitely enjoy it!