3 Reasons You Need an Auto Accident Attorney

Being in a car accident is not on anybody’s wish list. Yet, it is something so common that millions of people experience them every year, and many of them end up losing their lives. If you have been in a car accident that resulted in injuries and losses either to you or your loved ones, you are probably dealing with more than you can handle.

Going to medical appointments, getting treatment to heal your injuries, and not going to work have transformed your life into something unrecognizable from what it was before the accident took place. Yet, there is something productive that you can do and will help you get peace of mind by knowing you are fighting to get the compensation you need and deserve at this time: working with a car accident lawyer.

If you have second thoughts as to whether you need a car accident attorney, here are three reasons to help you think about this.

1.   Strengthen Your Case by Gathering all Evidence

You might have had the foresight to take pictures of the accident, providing your injuries allow you to do so. You may also have exchanged information with the other driver and interviewed any witnesses to get their testimonies. That is a great place to start when building a personal injury claim. Yet, there are many other pieces of valuable information you might not have thought about or not have had access to.

If the accident involved a large truck, for example, your car accident attorney will work to be allowed to get the information that the truck’s black box might reveal. This may uncover a traffic infraction or an Hours-of-Service violation. Waiting too long may result in this evidence no longer being available.

Your attorney may also look to see if any of the surrounding retail stores or buildings have surveillance camera footage that might have captured the accident or avail themselves of accident reconstruction specialists and other expert witnesses that will result in a stronger case on your behalf.

2.   Make Sure Your Claim Includes All Recoverable Damages

Your daily life may have given you reason enough to know that what you need now are resources to cover your medical expenses and the wages you have not been able to earn by being away from work while you recover your health. However, if you were to decide to represent yourself, you might not consider expenses you will incur in the future, such as further medical treatments, the effect this accident will have on your future earning capacity, and other tangible expenses.

A car accident lawyer will not only be able to attach a number to those items, but they will also work with you to determine what non-economic damages would need to be included in your claim. Non-economic damages are harder to quantify, and trying to come up with adequate figures on your own may have you leaving money on the table.

Among non-economic damages, your car accident lawyer might include a figure to cover your pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. Your skilled car accident lawyer has the experience to make sure that these damages are included in your claim as well as any others to which you might be entitled.

If the accident resulted in injuries that are so severe and extensive, the judge may also decide to include punitive damages in your final award. These are given to those who engage in particularly negligent actions to discourage others from this behavior in the future.

3.   Avoid Mistakes That Might End Up Hurting Your Claim

Not being fully familiar with personal injury law, you risk making a mistake when trying to represent yourself. To begin with, you may not be aware of the time limit established by the statute of limitations regarding how much time you have to file your claim. Trying to do so once the time has expired will result in your case being thrown out and all attempts to retake it being in vain.

Also, you will likely be dealing with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and lawyers representing the other side. Not having the necessary experience handling this type of case and not knowing how to negotiate effectively will surely harm your case. A few misguided statements to the insurance adjuster may result in harm to your claim. What’s more, you may be prevented from recovering anything at all. When you work with a knowledgeable car accident attorney, they will handle all communication with the insurance companies and their adjusters and thus prevent you from making any compromising statements.

When the insurance company offers you a settlement amount, you may be tempted to say yes and thank you. Your lawyer knows that insurance companies are notorious for starting with a lowball offer. After all, their interests do not necessarily coincide with yours when it comes to disbursing money. Your lawyer will look out for your interests and negotiate in your favor.

There are other ways in which a car accident lawyer can make sure you end up with the compensation you deserve. You may be advised not to post anything on social media while your case is still pending. It may be difficult to convince the other party that you are badly hurt if your pictures online show you enjoying a day at the beach.

Your lawyer will also recommend that you answer all the questions your doctor asks accurately every time you have a doctor’s appointment to check your injuries and see how the healing is advancing. If every time you are asked how you are doing, you answer “fine,” that is exactly what will appear in your medical records. This will allow the insurance company to claim that your injuries were not that severe and that you seem not to have had any pain.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to working with an auto accident attorney. Make an appointment today to talk about your case.