How to Properly Solder Wires
– Do It Right, Do It Once!

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How to connect two wires together is such a controversial topic among auto mechanics.

Some say it’s better to crimp them, others only twist the wires. Do you use electrical tape or shrink tubing? And so on. Personally, I prefer the soldering method. It takes a little more time but it sure holds better than crimping. But even in the “soldering community”, there’s still room to argue. Some say it’s better to joint the two wires using a Y-splice while some only swear by the good ol’ rat tail splice.

While there are probably a thousand different ways to do this, there are also a thousand different ways to do it wrong. I have seen newbies only melting the solder on top of the wires only to watch the soldered section break apart as soon as they touch it. As you may know, we do maintenance on a lot of police cars every week and you wouldn’t imagine how often we have to fix the wiring for all the added lights and electronics because of wire problems (you may assume people installing these kinds of systems would know how to solder but apparently not every time… or maybe they are just fans of the crimping and tape technique). As I always say, you’re always better doing it right the first time!

So, what’s the best way to do it, you ask?

Well, I may not know the absolute best way but here’s an awesome video by ChrisFix explaining absolutely all there is to know about soldering wires the proper way. It features step-by-step instructions for various sizes and types of wire, different techniques, a list of all the tools you need, safety instructions, how to choose the correct type of solder and many tips and other useful information you may not have been aware of yet (I been doing this for maybe 15 years now and I still learned something!).

Take a look, it’s worth it!




ChrisFix YouTube channel is packed with loads of awesome instructional videos and everything is always super clear and concise. In fact, he’s one of the few YouTube creators we actually look up to and one of the reasons we actually started all this. I also have to say that, from the editing point-of-view, his video editing skills are stunning.

I swear we will get to his level someday! :p

Make sure to check out and subscribe to his channel, you won’t regret it.

I hope this helped.

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