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If you want to learn auto mechanic by yourself using free resources found on the web, you absolutely need to see what’s available to you on YouTube. YouTube is one of the best platform to learn how to make, create, fix, modify or repair almost everything. But with the amount of videos added everyday, it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re just starting out so we created this post to help you get a head start with that.

Humble Mechanic - Best Automotive YouTube Channel

The Humble Mechanic

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that this one may be a little biased because I’ve been a big fan of The Humble Mechanics a long time before writing these lines.

He’s the absolute expert on anything Volkswagen-related and because I think that Volks are probably the shittiest cars to work on (this is a personal opinion :P), you can assume he really knows his stuff. His videos are always on point whether it’s tools and products reviews or complete engine swaps you can follow along. He’s a real-life hard-working mechanic and it really shows.

Make sure you check out his podcast where he answers a lot of questions from his viewers and he gives a lot of good advice for aspiring mechanics. Everything is explained in a funny and laid back style that doesn’t make you feel like you are listening to your High School History class teacher .

I also have to point out that I really like how he’s dedicated to only bring helpful stuff to his viewers. I’m personally sick of all those auto mechanic website covered with ads and where every blog post is anything but another click-bait to bring you to another landing page for whatever product they are selling. No ads on the website, no corporate posts, just valuable stuff for you to enjoy!

Just like what we try to do with… That’s probably why he’s on top of this list.

Humble Mechanic - Best Automotive YouTube Channel






ChrisFix - Best Automotive YouTube Channel


You may well know this one already because he’s been one of the top automotive YouTuber for some time now. In fact, he’s one of the few we look up to when we make our own YouTube videos.

This channel has something for you no matter where you are on the auto mechanic learning curve. From brakes replacement, fixing flat tires and fluids replacement for beginners to diagnosing and replacing fuel pumps and completely stripping a car apart for more advanced auto mechanics. Whether you’re looking for suspension, steering or electrical systems tutorials, he’s got it all!

Also make sure you check out his new “How to build a drift car” series. We all watched thousand of drift car builds videos created by professional drift teams but at the end of the video you’re always left thinking: “Yeah, that would be useful if I had a 100,000$ to bank on a drift car!”. It’s pretty refreshing to see someone creating a video for us, regular folks!

ChrisFix - Best Automotive YouTube Channel






MightyCarMods - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel

Mighty Car Mods

These guys are Australians… What more is there to say?

MightyCarMods - Subarute

I don’t know what’s in Australia’s water that make Aussies so funny but if you like to have fun while learning this is the YouTube channel for you!

It’s not so much for beginners though but you will sure learn what you can and what you can’t do while modifying cars. These guys work on weird but awesome projects. Just take a look at their “Subarute”, a WRX pick-up!

Their “How-to” videos cover anything from installing racing harness, upgrading coils and injectors, performing brake conversion to supercharging a Mini Cooper, installing Nos, and building a cheap but effective turbo setup.

I guess I like these guys some much because they somewhat come from the same place as we do and think a lot like we think. They began making videos in their garage to help other people and wanted to have fun while doing it. They sure have a budget a lot bigger than ours now but they started at the bottom of the ladder and worked their way up to the top!

Make sure you check these guys out! You won’t regret it!MightyCarMods - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel





Engineering Explained - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel

Engineering Explained

This channel is for all of you who would want to delve a little deeper on how cars work. As the name implies, it’s more engineering-oriented than the previous ones. Jason Fenske, the creator of the channel, is a mechanical engineer and will help you better understand the inner workings of an engine and all the systems you need to know to be a good auto mechanic.

It’s packed with many various car maintenance tutorials and other tips & tricks videos. That alone should be a good enough reason to subscribe right now but what makes this channel so special is all the other answers you can find to question you didn’t even know you had yet like:

  •  How Global Rallycross Supercars Hit 60 MPH in 1.9 Seconds
  • Can A Tire Have High Grip And Low Rolling Resistance?
  • What Is The Fastest 0-60 Time Possible?
  • Are CVTs The Best (Fastest) Transmissions?
  • How To Launch A FWD Car – Design Considerations
  • How Wireless Charging Works On The BMW i8
  • Do Rotary Engines Have VTEC?
  • and many more…

Jason’s YouTube channel has been one of my favorite for quite some time now and I bet it will become one of yours too!

Engineering Explained - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel






Bleepinjeep - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel


This one is for all of you off-roaders and Jeep maniacs out there!

This channel is just packed with various maintenance tutorials and other more specific “How-to” videos for Jeeps. The videos are neatly arranged in playlists making it easy to find information on specific system like brakes, cooling, electronics or drivetrain.

I particularly appreciate the “how to remove stuff at the salvage yard” videos. Being a mechanic myself, I’m used to work with a full toolbox and while the car is on a rack. Removing a transmission with the truck on the ground and a limited set of tools can be really challenging and these videos really helped with tips & tricks I can use on my next junk yard trip.

Also worth mentioning, this channel provides a lot of tutorials on welding, which you absolutely need to learn if you want to be a real off-roader… or if you want to own an old Jeep. Man, do these trucks tend to rust to the bone!

Anyway, full of useful stuff right there! Go check it out!

Bleepinjeep - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel





South Main Auto - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel

South Main Auto Repair

Personally, I really like the “smaller” auto mechanic channels on YouTube. I hate how some of the “bigger” channels, after becoming “big” and earning their 10 000th subscriber or so, often move away from the instructional and useful stuff to make videos where they start to give life advice, create biased reviews on any given products companies shower them with or just rant on everything and anything unrelated to their niche and acting like they are some kind of “influencers” or something (that “influencer” thing… so funny and sad at the same time… anyway).

Well, Eric O’s channel is not one of them. He’s the owner of a small repair shop in New York and creates awesome car maintenance instructional videos and still does after reaching the 50 000 subscribers mark . He’s a regular mechanic working in a regular shop on regular cars. That’s what makes him special and why you can really relate to him.

No big branding, no ranting, no pushy sales tactics, just the important stuff!

I don’t know why but I really like that guy!

Anyway, South Main Auto Repair’s channel is full of practical tutorials on everything an auto mechanic has to perform on a daily basis. If you want to learn how to become a good auto mechanic, this is an absolute must-see!

South Main Auto - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel






Ratchets And Wrenches - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel

Ratchets And Wrenches

This is another channel packed with various auto mechanic and auto body repair tutorials like all the others on this list but what really got me hooked though is the couple of videos I haven’t found on many other channels.

  • Can You Hotwire a car Like in the Movies
  • How to Use a Manual Tire Changer
  • How to Properly Test and Diagnose a Bad Fuel Pump
  • What You Can Learn From a Spark Plug – Plus How to Test Them With a Basic Multimeter
  • How to Balance a Tire Yourself – Using a Bubble Balancer

You can find tutorials on how to replace a bad fuel pump on ten thousand channels on YouTube but not nearly half of them will teach you how to test it to see if it’s good or not. It’s also the first time I see a bubble balancer tutorial too! The Subaru Ej25 rebuild series is pretty neat too!

Ratchets And Wrenches - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel






RealFixesRealFast - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel


This one is a channel I discovered recently and I liked it from the start. As an auto mechanic, work experience is your absolute best friend and these guys have lots of it and it shows. Just take a look at their engine rebuild videos or even better, their automatic transmission overhaul video. When someone opens an automatic transmission like that, you can be pretty sure they know what they’re talking about.

But I think that their most helpful videos are those on “What to do when things don’t go as planned” as:

  • What to do when spark plug hole is busted
  • Fuel gauge reads wrong after fuel pump is replaced
  • Fuel tank straps won’t fit

If you plan on becoming an auto mechanic yourself, be warned that a lot of things don’t go as planned on an almost daily basis and knowing what to do when it happens will someday save your life… or at least make you look like a pro!
RealFixesRealFast - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel






Weber Auto - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel


If you want to learn more about the latest technologies, this is the channel you need to subscribe to. Most of the other channels on this list cover the cars we work on or drive every day and they will sure help you become a better mechanic today. I also get why someone would want to watch that 2jz engine swap tutorial for the sixth time but if you plan on becoming a real pro mechanic you need to stay up-to date with latest technologies.

You can just wait for the day an electric vehicle comes through the garage door and hope for the best!

Here’s some examples of video you don’t want to miss:

  • Chevrolet Volt 4ET50 Transaxle Components and Operation
  • Ford Hybrid Transaxle Generations – (Toyota Prius P610, Chrysler Pacifica SI-EVT)
  • World’s First 8 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 3rd Generation Toyota Hybrid (eCVT) Transaxles

Yeah, I know that’s mostly transmission stuff but there’s also a series of videos on how major car manufacturers handle hybrids and alternative fuels, an in-depth series on universal joints and many many more.

Weber Auto - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel






The Mechanic Doctor - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel

The Mechanic Doctor

Ah! Why not?

While we may not have as much subscribers, budget or even merely as much talent as any of these guys, we are full of nothing but good intentions, we are eager to learn more every day and we really like creating stuff to help amateur and pro mechanics.

Make sure you subscribe to our channel and we will love you forever for that!

The Mechanic Doctor - Best Auto Mechanic YouTube Channel




That’s it!

Obviously, I can’t be aware of all the good auto mechanic YouTube channels out there so if you know one we may have missed, leave a comment below or send us an email to: [email protected]

I hope it helped!

As always, feel free to like, share and comment… it helps us a lot!

Cheers and have a nice day!

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