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Where Next for Car Technology?

This week’s infographic is brought to you by Southside Motor Factors.


The concept of self-driving cars has been mooted for quite some time and has been a feature of sci-fi TV shows or cartoons speculatively casting an eye to the future. In 2017, autonomous cars have become a distinct possibility, and while a fully autonomous vehicle is still a way off, we can now invest in cars which will let us kick back for most of a journey. We’re also entering the area of holographic windscreens which can display key data that we would previously have needed to glance down at the dashboard to see. These advances are remarkable when you think that it wasn’t so long ago since power steering and remote locking were perceived as fantastic innovations.

All this only makes us wonder what’s next to come in automotive technology and this week’s infographic is trying to answer just that. So take a look at it and let us know what you think will happen with car tech in the next 10 to 25 years in the comment box below!

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brought to you by Southside Motor Factors.