Essential Equipment All Towing Companies Should Have

Towing companies provide a lot of roadside assistance services that are helpful in getting us back on the road. Tow operators play the role of first responders because they have to deal with aggressive drivers, immense equipment, and extremely damaged vehicles on a daily basis. With an array of services, towing services need to have a set of equipment to implement those services.

The equipment operated by a company reflects the quality of service that they offer. No matter if you are starting your towing company or you are availing of their services, it is necessary to know the kind of equipment that is a must-have.

Based on input from these guys in Tuscaloosa, we have compiled a list of tools and equipment that all towing companies should have in order to give the best services:

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Also known as Slide, this is one of the most common and the most important towing equipment for a company. Because of its wide range of applications, it is a must-have. It has a flat top and its hydraulics are used to move the bed. Besides being common and important it is also very easy to use.

It can easily pull up the vehicle on its ramp or the driver can drive the vehicle up there. It can transport a wide range of vehicles because it can bear a lot of weight, even boats. Using a flatbed tow truck is one of the safest ways to transport/tow a vehicle.

Wheel-lift Tow Truck

Wheel lifts are a less damaging alternative to Hook and Chain trucks. Hook and chain trucks cause damage to vehicles that just need general towing. Wheel lift operates in the same way but causes no damage. It has a long steel bar that uses another straight bar to attach the front tires of the vehicle being towed to the truck. The front wheels of the vehicle are suspended in the air while it is being towed. It is also good for vehicles that are badly damaged or have lost one or two tires.


There are a number of ways to tow a vehicle, one of which is by using a “boom”. If a vehicle ever gets stuck in a ditch or an embankment, a tow truck mounted with a boom can be used to recover the vehicle. It is a winch device and is easy to operate. It’s not only used by towing trucks but also by construction vehicles and to carry equipment around touchy areas, which makes it a versatile use device and definitely essential for a towing company.

Quick Pick

A quick pick is a combination of equipment like a wheel lift and boom. It serves the purpose of picking up a vehicle and attaching it to the tow truck. This can be really helpful if a vehicle is stuck in a tough spot and cannot be directly attached to the wheel lift. This makes it multi-purpose equipment and essential for working around tricky spots.

Integrated Tow trucks

Sometimes the vehicle that needs to be towed or carried is simply too large and heavy for a wheel lift or flatbed. For example, buses or boats. So, for this purpose, integrated tow trucks are used. They are heavy-duty trucks and have the needed strength for towing vehicles as big as rigs and buses safely.

Tank Trucks

Services of towing companies are also hired for transporting fuel or if some vehicle runs out of fuel at a place where there are no gas or fuel stations. Not all vehicles are safe for transporting fuel like gasoline or diesel. So, it is really important that all the towing companies have tank trucks also known as fuel trucks for carrying fuel to desired locations.

There are a number of roadside injuries and accidents happening every day, make sure you avoid them!