6 Important Luxury Car Maintenance Tips

You’ve arrived! The years of taking daring risks, making personal sacrifices, and your hard work finally paid off. The business has been good and you’ve finally bought the dream car you always wanted!

While it’s great to be owning a luxury car, the kinds that jackpot winners are known for, please remember that maintaining these cars requires a bit more work compared to regular vehicles. It’s also important to keep in mind that your luxury car dream can get shattered in a moment if some harm comes to the car, or it needs some type of repair. Here in this short article, we will acquaint you with six important ways in which you can keep your luxury drive in prime condition.

Timely service

Luxury cars need comparatively more maintenance and frequent servicing than standard cars on the road. In the case of regular vehicles, you can afford to bring them into the workshop after the problem has tested your patience to the limit, and you have exhausted all possible options. But that’s not the case with luxury cars. You should thoroughly go through the owner’s manual. It will have all the details regarding the car’s maintenance schedule. On a side note, make sure that you change the oil regularly, to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.


The seats must be vacuumed at least twice every week, to keep them in prime condition. Also ensure that the inside of the car is vacuumed properly, for instance, the consoles, dash, doors, floor, etc. A microfiber cloth and a leather cleaner can be used to thoroughly clean the surface area of the seats. It is natural and expected for debris and dirt to accumulate on the surface of the seats, hence, you should get rid of these on a regular basis.

Exercise caution while driving

Regardless of whether your daily route involves rain, ice, or potholes, you should exercise great caution while traversing through such road conditions. Please remember that a luxury car is a big investment, hence it should be taken care of appropriately. Even if it’s a beautiful day and the sun is out, a slight hint of cloud in the distance should make you wary of the environment.

Inspect the tires

The air pressure in the tires should be checked regularly as a standard practice. By doing so, you will prevent any loss of balance while driving. Tire maintenance of a luxury car can be equated to maintaining one’s teeth. They can become a very painful problem if not taken proper care of! Please know that the tires must be replaced whenever the treads shrink to less than 1.5mm. Good tires are one of the most effective ways to improve the overall performance of any car. So, ensure that the replacement tires are of the same or higher quality.

Clutch health

It’s common knowledge that a properly working clutch ensures the smooth functioning of a car’s engine. The clutch is counted amongst the top five critical components in luxury cars. The ideal way to ascertain the health of a luxury car’s clutch is by observing any change in the speed of the engine. If you notice it happening, it’s a clear sign that the clutch needs to be looked into by a seasoned luxury car mechanic.

Car accessories 

Car accessories can make the task of protecting your car’s interior and keeping it organized easier. When shopping for accessories, always consider the fit. If you own a Subaru Forester 2018, look for dash mats or boot liners that match the vehicle perfectly. Also, keep an eye on local deals. Check out a wide range of Subaru Forester accessories for sale in Australia here.

Keeping your luxury car in pristine condition is a constant challenge, but it can be done with the help of the tips above.