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For this edition of “Reader’s Projects”, we feature an inspiring video of Samy Bee and her boyfriend Tyler attempting their first engine swap ever with a load of heart and good will. They take you on a walk along a path every amateur auto mechanic has to take in the beginning and every pro already knows too well. I’m talking about the “I-ain’t-sure-of-what-I’m-doing-but-I’m-gonna-give-it-a-try-anyway” path.


Learning the hard way

This may not be easy and it sure is frustrating from time to time but it’s the only way to go. No matter whether you are self-taught or you plan to learn auto mechanic in school, you’ll have to go through a learning phase where you’ll try to fix stuff and end up doing more harm than good. You’ll have to keep your phone close so you can scroll through forums and video tutorials on YouTube whenever you don’t know how to do something. Don’t worry, I have been a professional mechanic for almost 10 years now and I still do that every time I need to! This is part of the learning process.

You just can’t buy experience. You have to earn it!


Keeping it real

If you are a beginner auto mechanic, I definitely suggest you watch this 3-part video. It will show you how it’s done in real life. I hated how teachers had us picture the job in mechanic school. Just as if we were supposed to work in 24-bays shops equipped with brand new equipment, pristine floors, state of the art scanners and full A/C.


Some of you may well end up in working at high-end auto repair shops or as F1 technicians but most of us work in small shops busting our asses off in the dirt and grease, making miracles on a daily basis (at least, this is how I like to picture myself!). Before I finally went to auto mechanic school, this is how I got the hang of it. Fixing my car in my mom’s parking lot, getting good at fucking things up and ending up having the car to spend more time on floor jacks without drivetrain or front suspension than actually driving it.


Google it

Make notice of how they use YouTube and other online resources to gather information and seek answers. When in doubt, you can always look up to find a solution using all the available information on the web.

Willing to Learn

Watch out, though! As pointed in the video, not everything is accurate. The internet is packed with garbage and some really bad ideas so choose your sources wisely (namely, Us!).

This is also a pretty good time to start learning from your mistakes! 😉


Passion beats all

If you want to succeed as an auto mechanic, you have to have a strong passion for what you do. One of the most important teachings of this video is that heart, will, and passion can go a long way when you work hard at it.

But you’ll have to work… Hard… And it won’t be easy!

So watch the video, make up your mind and send us some videos of your auto mechanic learning process and you could get featured as one of our “Reader’s Projects” too!




22RE Engine Swap – Episode 2 

22RE Engine Swap – Episode 3


I hope you like it!

By the way, if you would like to know more about Samy Bee, check out this post where she got featured as our ” Girl Mechanic of The Month“!

Cheers and have a nice day!

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