Girls Auto Clinic: Glove Box Guide | Book Review

Girls Auto Clinic Book Review

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Girls Auto Clinic: Glove Box Guide by Patrice Banks


Do you feel powerless or stupid when it comes to knowing facts about your car? Are you afraid to get that knock fixed so you just turn the radio up louder in hopes that it’ll just go away? The good news is, you’re not alone. Many people, and not only women, don’t know a whole lot when it comes to the vehicle they drive. That is why Patrice Banks, founder of Girls Auto Clinic, has made it her goal to empower women by helping them understand the basics about their rides so they can transform from “auto-airhead” to a “sheCANic” in just under 288 pages.

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Girls Auto Clinic: Glove Box Guide is one of the most thorough, relatable and humorous car maintenance guide making it not only a page turner but a lifesaver when something goes south with your car. So, when that loud knock overcomes the volume of your stereo system, you’re prepared to decipher the mystery of where that noise is coming from, and approximately how much it would cost, or even prevent it from getting that knock in the first place.

Banks describes herself as being an “auto-airhead” in her past life, which helps her relate to her readers because she’s “been there, done that” and went from having no clue how to even maintain her ride to an auto expert. This guide helps teach you with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations on how to maintain your vehicle, change a flat tire, decipher the warning lights on your dash, as well as tips for purchasing new and used vehicles and so much more useful information that all car owners should know. This book is a great starter guide for women and girls out there of all ages, to get their foot in the door, and start their own passion for fixing vehicles.

Being a female mechanic myself, I’m excited to see another fellow woman helping encourage everyone to learn more about their vehicles. Proving, that you don’t need to go to school to be an auto-tech to know what you are doing and that knowing the basics goes a long way. Banks has provided the most beneficial auto-maintenance text that anyone can understand, purely versatile towards its audience and very entertaining. Banks doesn’t expect you to know everything or be an expert. She just wants you to have the right approach towards your auto-fears, a true “yes I can” attitude, and if you have the right attitude you can do anything you set your mind to.

Shelby - The Mechanic Doctor