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Classic Cars from TV & Film: Where are they now?

This week’s infographic is brought to you by Carl Westwood of L.A. Stretch Limos.


Many great films and TV shows have propelled their lead actors to stardom, but sometimes it’s not just the humans who are the stars of the show. In numerous cases, a film or TV series is just as identifiable, if not more so, by a famous vehicle which featured prominently. This infographic from L.A. Stretch Limos profiles 10 of the most famed cars ever to feature on screen, each with its own unique character which made it so cherished by fans of the film or TV show in which it starred. It also provides answers to a question that many have probably asked – where are these legendary vehicles today?

Most of you will instantly identify Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, who lent their vocals and dance moves to upbeat songs that are just as popular today as they were when the film was released almost 40 years ago. It wasn’t just Danny and Sandy who caught the eye, though; who could forget the gleaming Greased Lightning, the 1948 Ford Deluxe that was raced along Thunder Road?

On the small screen, few vehicles have ever had such a prominent role as KITT, the crime-fighting motor from Knight Rider. Those of us of sufficient age to recall the show’s 1980s heyday will fondly remember the interchanges of dry wit between KITT and its driver Michael Knight. When the program finished filming, the car was returned to Red Harden, the mechanic who customized it for Knight Rider and then restored the vehicle to immaculate condition before putting up for auction.

If you’d like to find out more stories about the most famous on-screen cars of all time (including one that is now owned by a Major-winning golfer!), check out the infographic below.


Classic Cars from TV & Film Where Are They Now

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