10 Best Auto Mechanic Books to Learn by Yourself

We always get a lot of questions as of where to learn auto mechanic online and there sure is a lot of good auto mechanic online courses and schools already out there (we are currently in the process of creating a post on that). But if you are more of a self-taught kind of person and aren’t afraid of  putting in the work to get where you want to be, I think you can go a long way using the combination of the right books, some basic tools, your head and a car you can tear apart without having to rely on it for transportation. During the learning process, you may sometimes fuck things up a bit so make sure you don’t need the car to go to school/work the next morning.

How to learn auto mechanic

So here’s a list of some of the most useful books we found to help you learn auto mechanics by yourself in the comfort of your garage!


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Auto Repair for Dummies - Best Books fo Auto Mechanics

This book is a perfect starting point for beginners to start their journey to learn auto mechanic and anyone who want to know more about how cars work and how to fix them. In this book you’ll learn to:

  • replace spark plugs, tires, air filters, add and change coolant, find and fix leaks, inspect and replace brakes and many more other components
  •  understand how tires work and how to choose them
  • identify weird sounds, smells, and noises
  • jump-start your car and handle common emergencies like overheating or stalling
  • fix dents and scratches
  • and much more!

While this book doesn’t cover in-depth electrical troubleshooting or engine overhaul, it will give you a good head start in auto mechanic. After reading it and with a little practical work, you should be able to perform basic mechanic repairs and understand a lot more about how your car works. This should help you save money and keep your car from wearing out prematurely.

Because this book is quite generic, I personally find that combining it with the Factory Service Manual or a Haynes/Chilton shop manual is perfect. The Haynes/Chilton can fill in the gaps with specific information for your vehicle and the For Dummies book can put that in layman’s terms.

It also features a section to help you choose a good mechanic shop for those times when you still need to bring your car in for more complicated repairs… until you become a full-fledged auto mechanic yourself!


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Idiot's Guides: Auto Repair and Maintenance - Best Books for Auto Mechanics


This book is for starters too but the layout is a bit different from the others on the list. Instead on focusing on each system, this one describes the 250 most important car parts and how they work. The one-page-one-part format breaks down the information in chewable size chunks. Mini-tests are also included at the end of each chapter to help you memorize what you learned. Perfect for beginners!

Car Hacks & Mods for Dummies - Best Books for Auto Mechanics





Understanding Automotive Electronics - Best Books for Auto Mechanics


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That’s it!

I hope this list will help amateur and aspiring mechanics as well as pro and full-fledged technicians to always push the limits of their knowledge and never stop learning. The automotive industry is always changing and evolving, more and more electronics are being shoved every year in our beloved vehicles and the future seems brighter than ever. This is an exciting time to be a mechanic… as long as you know what you are doing!

Also, If I forgot a book or manual that should be on this list (I obviously can’t read ’em all so I may well have missed some pretty good ones), leave a comment below or send us an email to themechanicdoc@gmail.com and we will review it and add it to the list.

Oh! And yeah, in the spirit of full disclosure, we just want to make sure you are aware that some of these links are affiliate links. Meaning that every time you follow one and buy something, we do get a small commission. We don’t want you to feel obligated to buy something in any way ever but just know that if you plan to buy one of these anyway, we would greatly appreciate if you do use one of our links!

It helps us a lot! 

Now get back to work! These cars won’t fix themselves!

Cheers and have a nice day!

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